Experty Aims To Bring Advice To The World Via Tokens, ICO

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Experty is a peer-to-peer platform for paid consultation, allowing experts to monetize their time and knowledge. Using, both niche and mainstream knowledge providers can share information with clients across the globe using a voice and video application that is similar to Skype. All transactions will be done using blockchain. The project is now in beta and hopes to raise development funds by selling the EXY token.

To gain clients, a knowledge provider can share an Experty link to his or her existing social media profiles. A potential client can then follow the link and call the knowledge provider using the platform. The knowledge provider can set their rate in advance, and display their available schedule. Once a call is initiated, payment is settled automatically using an ethereum smart contract. Experty aims to be the Uber of consulting, letting users set their own terms of when and how they want to work.

 Co-founder Kamil Przeorski talked to Block Tribune about the plans for the platform, which will be funded by an ICO at a yet-to-be-determined date.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  How does this work?

KAMIL PRZEORSKI: A professional creates an Experty account. They use their Experty profile username, email, or QR code to share on their existing social media.  The professional is able to share his Experty info so that anyone seeking his services can contact him directly and makes payments per every minute of the call according to their rate. For example a tax lawyer may be able to give his clients his Experty QR code. In his profile, it states his rate, so when a client calls him he is getting paid directly for the call. There is no negotiating rates, no wasted time. The caller already knows what he will be paying for on a per minutes basis.

For the caller, you can press the call button on the site to call the selected professional. Once the call is finished, you can view the call duration, the total amount paid, and provide feedback by rating the professional. It’s easy, convenient, and efficient. Anyone can use the app to get the advice of a professional. This will certainly be a game changer in the world of consulting, as it empowers people to join the platform. Please watch the video to get an idea of the whole process.

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  How will people search for experts?
KAMIL PRZEORSKI:  We currently live in a world where everyone is already connected using many different forms of social media.  We can look up experts on various medical sites, lawyers, and various other professionals have sites.
So we can search for someone with credentials. And then reach out to them after assessing their professional history.
One of the first test pilots of the Experty app will be the most-known lawyers in the crypto space.
BLOCK TRIBUNE:  How will you determine expertise initially?
KAMIL PRZEORSKI:  The caller must look at the experts social media, website, reviews, websites and determine their knowledge and experience, and level competency.  There will be a rating mechanism similar to how other rating services work, like Uber driver ratings. So at the end of the call, the caller can rate their experience.
BLOCK TRIBUNE:  Will someone who does not speak English be able to search for someone who speaks their language?
KAMIL PRZEORSKI:  Yes. Using the Internet, you can look up someone who speaks your own language. Once you located someone you can check if they have their Experty info. If they do you can contact them using the link or QR code.
BLOCK TRIBUNE:   What are legal ramifications of the advice given, particularly in legal and financial issues?
KAMIL PRZEORSKI: We conduct daily business in emails, and over the phone so the same rules and regulations should apply regarding privacy, professionalism and discretion. Experty is a provider, in the same way a phone company is, we do not endorse any of the consultants or the advice being given.
BLOCK TRIBUNE:   What will payments be made in?
KAMIL PRZEORSKI: Payments will be made in credit card or cryptocurrency. User flow is as follows with EXY as an utility token:
1. A knowledge sets his rate in US dollars (for example $5 per minute)
2. An advice seeker sees the main pricing in USD before the decide to call
3. The Experty app calculates theamount of EXY tokens required per minute based on the USD/EXY conversion rate
4. The advice seeker tops up his account by using one of the available methods (USD, BTC etc.)
5. The advice seeker starts the call
6. The knowledge provide receives EXY tokens based on the conversion rate
7. Value for knowledge exchange happens
8. Additional Step: if the knowledge provider doesn’t want to keep EXY tokens, then he will be able to convert that to any other cryptocurrency on his own
BLOCK TRIBUNE:  How will the tokens work in the ecosystem?
KAMIL PRZEORSKI:  We have a utility token. EXY will be created only during the token generation event. The exchange from advice-seeker to knowledge provider will occur in EXY, which will be sold inside the application using credit cards, bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple XRP, ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.