Female DeFi Art Director: “Metaverse is the Next Big Chapter”

Blockchain, News, Opinion | January 14, 2022 By:

Only 16% of NFT artists are women, who have accounted for just 5% of NFT sales,” according to Arctactics.

The spotlight is on women like Sara Nemati, Director of Arts and NFTs at cmorq Inc, who are disrupting the metaverse and inspiring more women to tap into the opportunity. According to Sara, “I think metaverse is the next big chapter in linking people, it is the future and it is already here. Metaverse will evolve to be integrated in our daily life.”

With the new normal, Sara is excited to see the way the world will soon integrate with the metaverse and the opportunities it will bring:

  • “You can go to your virtual office work space, a new meaning to remote work! You can hang out with friends in the virtual bar or meet new people to exchange ideas on your favorite topics, you will be connected with friends from anywhere in the world, you can attend classes virtually, play games or go shopping anywhere with anyone in the world.”
  • The metaverse will open doors for artists. Digital and 3D artists will have a better chance to share their creativity with the world, and architects will have an amazing opportunity with no physical limits to create a virtual world for everyone to enjoy. There are 6 billion people with smartphones who can share their creativity with the world and actually benefit from it! Possibly 90% of human creativity is limited by the physical world, with this limit out of the picture we will see a whole new world of ingenuity and possibilities.

As a Multidisciplinary Artist, Nemati is calling for more females to become involved in the very male-centric industry.