Filmio Launches Blockchain-Based Paltform For Film And Television

Blockchain, News | September 22, 2020 By:

Blockchain-based entertainment platform and ecosystem Filmio has announced the launch of its platform to democratize the entertainment industry and include fans in the project greenlighting process.

Filmio aims to democratize the filmmaking, TV, and VR industries. Leveraging EOS’s blockchain technology, the company is a gamified ecosystem that functions as a creative incubator, market validator and distribution launchpad. Filmio’s platform empowers fans with more influence in the creative process and creators with the key resources and access necessary for success. By offering fans the power to review projects, Filmio is able to leverage fan validation as a measure for predicting a project’s reception in the marketplace, inspiring an environment wherein the best content gets made.

“Filmio’s platform incentivizes the participation of fans through “FAN” (utility) tokens that are given to fans for participation, but only have utility on the Filmio platform,” the company said. “Accredited investors have the option of investing in the platform via security tokens, called “FILM” tokens, which offer passive income as dividends from the platform’s revenue.”

According to Filmio, the entire process, icluding project creation and validation processes, manifests in three phases:

  • Incubation: Providing creators with the platform to post, market, and promote their film projects with which fans can engage, enabling creators to develop project fanbases.
  • Validation: Creators receive ratings and evaluations, subscriptions, donations, and other behavioral markers from fans, leading to a democratized greenlighting of projects.
  • Distribution: Connecting fan-validated creators to investors, networks, and studios, reducing risk of a financially-failed production and enabling fan-preferred content.

“We are delighted to announce the launch of the Filmio platform, which will break down the longstanding barriers of the entertainment industry,” said Filmio President Ian Lewinter. “Through the power of a decentralized ledger, we believe in the democratization of film and the cultivation of an empowering, symbiotic relationship between creators, fans, and investors.”