FinTech Firm HelloGold Granted Islamic Certification For Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency

Announcements, News | February 22, 2018 By:

Malaysia-based FinTech firm HelloGold has received a sharia-compliant certification for its gold-backed cryptocurrency from Amanie Advisors ‎‎of Malaysia, a sharia advisory company specializing in Islamic ‎financial ‎institutions.

HelloGold’s cryptocurrency, GOLDX, which was introduced late last year, is an ethereum ERC20 token backed by physical, investment-grade gold, with each token ‎equal to one ‎gram. The gold is stored in a vault in Singapore. The company said that ‎it never issues a GOLDX ‎token unless it holds its equivalent amount of gold, ‎and to guarantee transparency its ‎records are publicly accessible and ‎verified independently by its vaulting partner.‎

Last year, the company launched a blockchain mobile application in Malaysia. The app, which provides users with an opportunity to buy and sell GOLDX, was also certified by Amanie Advisors. HelloGold is now planning to extend its online gold platform in Thailand later this year, with the third market expected to emerge by the end of the year.

The company said GOLDX can currently be purchased from its mobile app or directly from its website with bitcoin and ethereum. It will be available for purchase on exchanges in the coming months. GOLDX will provide investors with exposure on gold through a digital ‎token, as well ‎as a liquid investment vehicle as the token itself is ‎transferable between ‎ethereum wallets.‎

“Having earned the world’s first Shariah-compliance certification for our GOLDX token, HelloGold has opened the door to over a billion Muslims to access a new financial product,” said Robin Lee, CEO and Co-founder of HelloGold. “As the international Islamic financial market continues to grow and draw interest from non-Muslim countries, the Islamic financial services industry’s total worth has reached USD $1.9 trillion in 2016.”

In addition, HelloGold is also exploring other unspecified assets for its blockchain technology, which involves a shared electronic ledger that allows parties to track transaction information through a secure network. ‎