Fintech startup Bitspark launches community forum for remittance industry

Announcements | August 12, 2016 By:

Bitspark has announced that it has launched the Bitspark community forums for remittance

The company said that the remittance industry is notoriously closed loop and there is no central location on the internet to discuss it. The forum is a place for businesses to connect with their customers and for the global remittance industry to discuss the topic of money transmission.

“Phase 1 of our plan to solve these problems is the launch of the community forums, built ontop of the excellent open source Discourse forum software. We will be adding new categories as we see fit and it is also a good way for you to suggest changes to the Bitspark platform you think would be useful,” said Bitspark.

Bitspark is a Hong Kong-based fintech startup that pioneered the world’s first cash-in and cash-out blockchain remittance platform for Money Transfer Operators.