First 250 SuperNode Operators on Pastel Network to Earn Rewards Through Founder Program

Announcements, Blockchain, News | February 3, 2022 By:

Purpose-built NFT blockchain and platform Pastel Network has announced a new initiative that will help powerits robust developer toolkit, while offering enhanced security and reliability across the Pastel network.

Since 2018, the Pastel Network has diligently developed sophisticated technology aimed at identifying and solving major problems in the NFT and blockchain space: two in particular, digital asset authenticity and NFT storage constraints. The first of these protocols, Sense, is a near-duplicate NFT detection system that assesses the rarity of a given NFT against other NFTs across various marketplaces and ecosystems. Designed to protect users participating in these increasingly popular platforms, the Sense protocol is an important and unique tool in guarding against scams, fraud, and copyright infringement.

Pastel’s latest initiative, the SuperNode Founder Program, was created to reward early network participants for their contribution and activity in the ecosystem as well as encourage long-term decentralization. As it stands, the SuperNode Network receives 1,250.00 PSL of each Block Reward, which is randomly distributed to any given SuperNode per block (assuming the SuperNode is in good standing with the network and is not slashed for failure to act or malicious behavior).

The first 250 SuperNodes activated on the Pastel Network will become members of the Founder Program, tracked by their unique PastelID and Address. In addition to receiving Block and Transactional Rewards, Founder SuperNode operators will also become eligible for random PSL or NFT airdrops.

In the future, the company will be devising a leaderboard system that tracks various transaction activity per Founder SuperNode — such as the number of NFTs registered or the amount of Sense and Cascade requests processed. Each month, they intend on rewarding the top 10% of SuperNodes with additional awards like fresh NFT mints or other perks from new network partners.

The SuperNode Founder Program is a major step forward for Pastel in its efforts to build better, more secure tools for NFT enthusiasts — and the impressive computational power of SuperNodes will help strengthen the network’s ability to handle the demanding technical requirements of verifying and serving digital NFT files.