First Ethereum-Backed Feature Film ‘Braid’ Bows At Tribeca Film Festival

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The 17th annual Tribeca Filim Festival will see the debut of what’s touted as the first major feature film to be funded through an equity crowdsale using cryptocurrency.

The psychological thriller Braid follows Petula Thames (played by Imogen Waterhouse) and Tilda Darlings (Sarah Hay), two self-proclaimed artists turned dealers on the run. After mishandling thousands of dollars in narcotics, the girls are given 48 hours to repay their drug lord. Fleeing town, they head to the desolate mansion of a wealthy childhood friend, Daphne Peters (Madeline Brewer), with their sights set on the house’s safe.

Daphne lives a secluded life in the mansion and has grown into a dangerous schizophrenic and prisoner of a fantasy world the three created as children. The girls are forced to take part in Daphne’s twisted, bloody game of make-believe, a demented maze of hallucinations, role play, torture, and murder.

The Braid ethereum token sale raised $1.7 million in two weeks, with ConsenSus CEO Joseph Lubin serving as the film’s executive producer. The film is written and directed by Mitiz Peirone, who is also one of the panelists at a Tribeca talk on April 23 titled Future of Film — Blockchain: Can Blockchain breed blockbusters? Other panelists include Peter Guglielmino, CTO for IBM’s Media & Entertainment Industry and Daniel Hyman, VP of Entertainment Finance and Development.

The Tribeca Film Festival will feature 96 movies, including 75 world premieres.  As part of Tribeca’s Immersive program, there are 25 virtual reality and augmented reality immersive projects, featuring actresses Alicia Vikander and Rosario Dawson and director Terrence Malick. The festival is also launching Tribeca Cinema360, a new VR Theater where audiences can experience several VR pieces together.

The Tribeca Film Festival runs from April 18-29. The full schedule is at