First Regulated Crowdfunding Portal For Digital Payment Tokens Announced By Technicorum

Announcements, Innovation, News | April 1, 2021 By:

Technicorum Holdings has announced its new crowdfunding platform for digital payment tokens.

Technicorum comprises of subsidiaries specializing in various verticals in the digital assets space, with a one-stop-shop capability to launch, incubate and bring to the global market any blockchain, digital asset, fintech, NFT, DeFi etc project, and is primarily responsible for the KingSwap project, with references of over 100 ICO’s worked on in the past 3 years through its subsidiaries.

Called “TheTechLauncher,” the new crypto crowdfunding platform provides early-stage companies with a full-service fundraising toolset to create their own standard ERC-20 and farming pool for investors to participate in. Users can join as an investor and/or a project owner, and support farming events by new upcoming Defi Blockchain projects as part of their ICO. Founders can also pitch their business, share their vision, set up rewards, and raise funding, all from one centralized location where potential backers can find them.

“Early-stage companies focused on building business and attracting seed capital might not be able to spend the time required to pursue traditional financing channels,” said Technicorum. “Compared to applying for a loan or seeking accredited investors, setting up a successful crowdfunding campaign on TheTechLauncher is far more efficient and effective in delivering compelling messages to the right audiences. With TheTechLauncher, companies can share their vision, set up enticing rewards, and benefit from having everything in one centralized location where potential backers can find them.”

According to the release, the KingSwap project was the first use-case of TheTechLauncher’s product roll-out, with a Technicorum Group subsidiary incubating and launching the well-known KingSwap project that is a mix of DeFi and NFTs, helping with token minting and creation, and marketing and managing the communities and social media outreach as well as various operational aspects of KingSwap.