Five Ways To Build A Thriving Crypto Community

News | July 26, 2021 By:
To celebrate the third anniversary of its MainNet launch, Ontology has revamped its Harbinger Program to further expand and reward its global community. Following these events, Ontology’s Head of Community, Humpty Calderon, briefs us on the top five ways to create a thriving crypto community.
  1. Constant feedback and communication 
Engaging with community members by providing constant updates and feedback about the progress of a crypto project is essential for building trust and lasting relationships within the ecosystem. Crypto is all about creating an equal arena where everyone has an opportunity to be heard and benefit, so sincere and honest communication is key to ensuring these principles are upheld. From a company perspective, having a core hub of people to exchange information and ideas with allows you to get valuable feedback about your products and project as it develops, creating a symbiotic relationship that allows consumers to lend a hand in shaping a future they are passionate about. 
  1. Empowering the community
In order to reassure your community that you value their input and engagement, it is essential that you empower them by giving them a platform to air their viewpoints and raise any concerns. Truly listening to your community and showing that they are heard and influential in your company’s journey binds members together and creates an atmosphere of trust and inclusion. At Ontology, our community has played a huge role in our development. We are always looking for their feedback and often ask for them to vote on key community decisions in order to ensure we are aligned.
  1. Rewarding the community 
Rewarding your community for their support and input is crucial to letting them know they are valued. To celebrate the third anniversary of our MainNet launch, we recently launched the second iteration of our Harbinger Program which seeks to recognize and provide a platform to those who continually support our community, education initiatives, and promotional efforts. The more active someone is, the higher the recognition they receive. Long-term Ontology Harbingers receive rewards and benefits for getting involved, either in the form of tokens or recognition. Initiatives like these are essential for recognizing exceptional community members.
  1. Educating the community
As part of rewarding your community, it is important that you provide opportunities for education around the products and services you offer. Most Ontology community members are crypto enthusiasts who are keen to learn about how different products and technologies work, as well as the benefits associated with different tokens, blockchains and business decisions. Active communities are at the front line of engagement for new members. Having thoughtful and well-informed people leading that engagement is valuable to education and onboarding initiatives.
  1. Cross-channel community engagement
The beauty of blockchain and crypto communities is that they are spread across different cultures and countries. To celebrate the diversity that comes with this, companies should recognise that different platforms of engagement are going to be more relevant to different community members. In order to reach as many people as possible and ensure they feel included, it is important to spread your communications across various channels, whether that be via Medium, Telegram, Discord, WhatsApp, or Clubhouse. Each member is different. Some may wish to discuss the technical roadmaps, while others might just want to check developments occasionally. Content and communication should therefore be diverse, versatile, and cater to everyone.