Fuji Apples Now Tracked Via The Blockchain – Avocados Are Next

Announcements, Blockchain | November 11, 2018 By:

SunMoon Food Company, a global distributor and marketer of fruits and vegetables, has successfully implemented the digitalization of its premium Fuji Apples via blockchain.  The implementation process was activated at the Fuji Apple packing house of its partner, Xin Yue Yuan (XYY) Group in Shandong, eastern China.

Each Fuji apple is blockchained into a trackable digital asset on DiMuto’s blockchain platform; Thai frozen durians, US citrus and avocados are next on the pipeline.

The application of blockchain enables real-time product tracking, tracing, and enhances food safety by documenting each distribution step. The move is part of SunMoon’s continued technology drive.

Since mid-October, SunMoon has trained XYY’s packing house employees to carry out the tagging process, equipping the facility to scan batch-specific and carton-specific QR codes and capture photographic verification of the apples’ quality.

Besides blockchaining individual apples, the carton boxes they are packed in are also blockchained using unique QR codes. This allows SunMoon to capture real-time packing status updates of order fulfillments,  giving an accurate overview of the number of cartons of apples packed and the batch origin of apples in respective cartons, as well as quality of the apples when packed.

This information is then stored on DiMuto’s blockchain platform, and ensures that all trade parties, such as SunMoon, suppliers and customers, have real-time visibility of the apples.

SunMoon will roll out product tracing and tracking for its Thai frozen durians by end-October, and the company is also in talks with its partners for avocados and citrus in the United States to adopt the technology.

New Financing Opportunities

Through the blockchain platform, SunMoon is able to digitize its fruits and open up new trade financing opportunities. The move from analog to digital via blockchain provides assurance and verified information to potential financiers, shortening the typical supply chain financing time cycle from as long as 60 to 90 days to just around 24 hours.

 The QR code on SunMoon fruits acts as a physical and digital stamp of quality assurance – the fruit in hand has been tracked and traced from packing houses to retail channels. This product tracing allows consumers who buy the SunMoon Fuji apples to access the verified certificates on the DiMuto blockchain, such as Good Agricultural Practices (GMP) and product origins.

Such data, previously not readily available to consumers, can now be accessed through a simple scan of the tagged QR code. Information in the certificates is immutable and are shared amongst relevant parties along the food supply chain.

“The greater transparency across the value chain will significantly reduce many of the inter- and intra- communication costs, and minimise potential disputes between supply chain partners with regard to corroboration of information,” said Roger Chua, managing director of SunMoon.