GameCredits to develop bitcoin-driven gaming platform

Announcements | August 6, 2015 By:

GameCredits announced that its primary initiative consists of developing a digital currency-driven gaming platform, focused on providing an elegant, secure, and robust system aimed at replacing existing in-game purchasing options and mechanisms.

“The rapid expansion of bitcoin has provided a vast market full of untapped potential. With a Market Cap of over $3.5 Billion USD, Bitcoin has paved the way for an explosive evolution of innovative technologies,” said GameCredits project manager Victor Alejandro.

“We wish to make a solution for in-game monetization that is of benefit to both the players and developers, and with a little luck, a lot of promotion, and effort, we could break out as a mainstream currency,” added GameCredits general manager Kevin Putzier.

Gamecredits is a platform that allows users to transfer fiat currencies, such as USD, into Gamecredits or vice versa along with exchanging them with other digital currencies.