General Bytes develops new NFC bitcoin wallet

Announcements | December 21, 2016 By:

General Bytes has developed an NFC bitcoin wallet.

General Bytes, decided to replace QR codes with NFC bitcoin wallets for bitcoin point of sale (POS). The company thinks that the new NFC technology can simplify the user experience while transacting with bitcoin.

“By killing the QR code in crypto, we not only get rid of a bit of a relic from the past but also remove the need for a mobile phone in most cryptocurrency applications while at the same time greatly simplifying the end-user experience. It’s one of those rare win-win situations,” said Martijn Wismeijer, Genera Byte’s Marketing manager.

The company’s BATMThree XXL plus model dispenses the wallet cards and is the first ATM in the industry with this type of functionality. The idea stemmed from the biohacking community that already uses NFC designed bitcoin wallet implants. However, the company realizes not everyone wants to get an implant, and General Bytes believes the cards are the next best thing.