German Stocks Added to First Global Trading

Investing, News | March 10, 2017 By:

First Global Credit, a London-based firm that enables cryptocurrency to be used as collateral margin to trade a limited number of stocks, ETFs and commodity futures, has added Germany as the second European market on its bitcoin-backed stock trading platform.

There will be 30 German stocks added to the platform, joining last month’s addition of more than 50 Chinese and Hong Kong equities. First Global has close to 400 tradeable assets available for bitcoin holders, and claims it will roll out “multiple launches” later this year.

“ The cryptocurrency market has an appetite for choice,” said First Global founder Marcie Terman in a statement. “That is clear. It is also sensible to provide diversity, because when you have such a broad choice of geography and company focus – tech, medical, entertainment, hospitality and gaming, to name just a few – there is always price action somewhere on the platform.”