Giraffage Kicks Off Ujo Music Record Store Accepting ETH

Announcements, Blockchain, FinTech, News | October 23, 2017 By:

A new online record store that accepts ethereum as payment for music has been created in partnership with Counter Records, Ujo Music and the artist Giraffage, whose album, “Too Real,” will be its first offering.

Ujo is a project of ConsenSys, the New York-based blockchain consultants and developers. The new custom store will allow artists to sell directly to fans using smart contracts.

“Too Real”  is the second full album to be released on ethereum, following Ujo’s Summer release of Grammy-winning artists RAC’s “EGO” album, and it marks the start of a private beta period that will allow select artists to register their music, attach licensing policies, and create their niche on the Ujo store. 

  “By creating a store for Giraffage, we are able to leverage decentralized technology and the ethereum network to mitigate a lot of the overhead costs that a standard DSP (demand-side platform) faces, enabling us to put 10-30% more money into the pockets of the artist,” said Jack Spallone, the head of Ujo Music

Matt Black, the cofounder of Counter, said he’s been interested in the blockchain/crypto scene “for over two years. It is revolutionary disruptive technology that has the potential to make the world a fairer place. It’s great to see RAC pioneering its use in the musical space and I think Ninja Tune will then expand our use and support of decentralised networks.” – 

As for the artist, Charlie Yin of Giraffage said he was a “huge fan of ethereum for a while. Blockchain is great technology that I believe in and I’m stoked to give people the ability to purchase my album through it.”  

Counter Records: is a branch of Ninja Tune, a distributor that’s home to artists including ODESZA, RAC, Maribou State, The Heavy, Chrome Sparks, and Conner Youngblood, among others.