GMO Internet Launches New 33TH/s 7nm Bitcoin Miner

Announcements, News | July 4, 2018 By:

Japanese tech giant GMO Internet Group has launched the upgraded version of its bitcoin miner, which comes with a 7nm ASIC mining chips.

Called GMO miner B3, the new mining rig uses “the mining ASIC of the 7nm process GMO72b” which supports “cryptocurrency mining of SHA256 and can execute mining of bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.” It has a maximum hash power of 33TH/s, “which is much better than the B2 model. The B3 consumes 103W per 1TH/s or 3,417w per unit, higher than B2’s 81W per 1TH/s or 1,950w per unit.

The B3 also features a newly implemented “function to set the optimal hash power and power consumption depending on the mining environment and global hash rate.” Under the automatic setting, the new miner changes its hash power upwards towards its maximum, or lower depending on the cost of electricity.

“While we were selling GMO miner B2, several customers have requested a function to adjust the hash power,” GMO said. “Therefore, we accelerated the planned development of ‘hash power optimization function,’ which can set the optimal hash power and power consumption, and implemented it in GMO miner B3.”

GMO said the new 7nm miner will be sold at the same price as the B2 model. “The sales price in July 2018 is 1,999 US dollars as with GMO miner B2,” the company said. “GMO miner B2 was released on June 6, 2018, and sold out. For its customers, we shall upgrade it to GMO miner B3 for free if requested.”