Goldman Sachs Analyst Sheba Jafari Predicts Bitcoin to $7,900

Investing, News | November 7, 2017 By:

Sheba Jafari, the Goldman analyst whose bitcoin predictions have accurately predicted market moves in the past, reports that bitcoin will hit new highs.

“The market has shown evidence of an impulsive rally since breaking above 6,044,” said Jafari, a VP on the bank’s FICC Market Strats team, said in a Sunday note. “Next in focus $7,941. Might consolidate there before continuing higher.”

The report is the latest from Goldman, which has issued several prescient analysis on cryptocurrency in the last few months. Most notably, chief technician Jafari has called several moves up and down by bitcoin.

Goldman has been among the most active Wall Street giants analyzing bitcoin, leading some speculators to opine that the investment firm may be the first institutional to actively back the digital currency.