Google Being Hypocritical About Crypto On Its Play Store

News, Opinion | March 3, 2020 By:

On March 2nd Google Play Store removed multiple crypto news site applications from the Play Store unannounced to the creators of the applications themselves.

Applications such as Cointelegraph and CoinDesk are now gone from the store and are unavailable to whoever wants to download them. This, of course, includes regular updates to the applications as well as the inclusion of new content.

The Google Play Store team has not made any comment whatsoever as to what caused the removal of these applications from the store, but most crypto investors can already guess very easily.

This is not the first time that Google targeted crypto-related software specifically. But it can’t be helped to think that this large corporation is being hypocritical at this point.

There are much more harmful apps on the Play Store

While Google is targeting registered, verified and legitimate crypto-related software on its Play Store, fraudulent and exploitative applications are still reigning as if they owned the place.

Things like crypto exchange software of companies that have been confirmed to be fraudulent or have at least been suspected of being one are still live.

There are also multiple crypto trading bots being downloaded as we speak, and as of this moment, very few of them have been verified by their respective regulators and governments.

People would think that after the Bitcoin Revolution scam discussion, Google would be much more careful with accepting crypto trading AI on its platform. But it looks like it’s more concerned with the spreading of news about this technology more than anything else.

Bad news for upcoming websites

Almost every cryptocurrency website wants to become bigger and bigger as time passes. The consequences or some would say the reward of becoming bigger is increasing the site’s resources to become more accessible or better for its visitors and fans.

This includes the creation of a dedicated application so that accessing it is much easier from mobile devices. We also know that the world is slowly but surely becoming more and more dependant on mobile devices more than anything else, and taking that huge market away from crypto sites is a terrible hit to the volume they can cover.

There is hope that companies that had their apps removed will submit complaints to the Google Play Store team and have them restored, which will be a big win for all of the crypto industry, but there is also a chance that Google will simply say no.

The good news here is that should Apple’s App Store fail to follow this lead, Google will be forced to retrace its decisions, but considering how both of these companies tend to act the same, it’s unlikely for Apple to take the side of cryptos at this point.