Gramatik Issues ‘Future Crypto’ Music Video And Explanatory Booklet

Blockchain, Education, News | June 26, 2018 By:

Electronic artist and producer Gramatik has issued the first bit of content funded by his GRMTK token launch with SingularDTV in November of last year.

Joining with fellow artist Branx and design studio Supermassive, he created a music video and digital booklet for his song, Future Crypto.  All of Gramatik’s new projects resulting from the GRMTK token launch will be released on SingularDTV’s digital platform when it launches in 2019.

The video for Future Crypto depicts the history of money, starting with the barter system and advancing through the evolution of money in Europe. It then follows the Knights Templar’s first bank and the fractional banking reserve, all the way to blockchain, ending with the creation of the GRMTK token.

The accompanying digital booklet provides a deeper insight into the propagation of currency, from tracing its role in value transfer, building empires, and funding wars to blockchain signifying the shift in power over currency.

“Our species is advancing,” said a statement from Gramatik. “Shouldn’t our currency be doing the same?”  He added: “I wanted to explain to my fans what future crypto is really about. Future crypto is dedicated to the importance of leaving big business + big banks out of curation and creation.  Cutting out the middleman.  I really think Isaac Asimov said it best with “The saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom.

“It’s fitting that Gramatik would embark on a campaign to educate fans more about the history of crypto and the promises of blockchain,” says Zach LeBeau, CEO and co-founder of SingularDTV. “I think I speak for all of us at SingularDTV when I say we can’t wait for our platform to launch with such exciting blockchain-centric content by our first tokenized artist.”

Gramatik is now recording his next album and working on content creation for next year, but plans to periodically release some of it.

The visuals for the music video were created by Dutch design studio Supermassive, who also created Gramatik’s Voyager Twins video.