HBUS Turns To An Old-Fashioned Communication: A Billboard

Announcements, Innovation | December 1, 2018 By:

HBUS, the strategic partner of Huobi, has installed the first 60-foot crypto billboard ad in the US.

Using the theme of “Evolved Crypto Trading,” HBUS portrays the classic ascent from ape to humanoid, taking a subtle dig at competitor Coinbase by placing them down on the chart. The billboard is located in San Francisco near HBUS headquarters.

“We decided to launch this campaign because no US-based digital currency exchange has done a campaign like this before,” said HBUS CEO Frank Fu. “The industry has seen its share of “online” gimmicks and we just wanted to get back to some of the basics of advertising that continue to play a major role in brand awareness and credibility. San Francisco is at the heart of the technological revolution and of technological “evolution”.

As part of the billboard rollout, HBUS is eliminating its fees through the end of the year.