Holberton School announces partnership with Bitproof to put diplomas on blockchain

FinTech | November 11, 2015 By:

Holberton School announced partnership with Bitproof to deliver its certificates through the bitcoin blockchain.

Holberton School claims that its academic certificates will be 100% fake proof, for every Diploma is going to have its unique Digital Diploma Number. The number can be quoted in a CV for potential employers to check the certificate within seconds. Verification can be done via any meta-blockchain explorer.

“Every Holberton digital certificate will be issued in a secure environment, 256 bits encrypted private key and 2 factor authentication to access the interface that will generate, sign and insert the certificate into the Bitcoin blockchain, making the certificate‚Äôs content sealed and tamper-proof,” the School said.

Holberton School is a San Francisco-based school for software engineering.