Hong Kong politicians accept bitcoin to fight against China’s communist-style of ruling

Now Accepting | November 28, 2016 By:

Hong Kong politicians Leung Chung-Hang and Yau Wai-Ching are accepting bitcoin donations in order to continue their fight for democracy.

Yau and Leung are advocates who have called for a ‘complete split‘ away from mainland China. Prior to taking their seats in parliament, the duo trotted out flags that stated “Hong Kong is not China” during their oath-taking session.

The action enraged officials in Beijing, and allegedly led Hong Kong’s Chief Executive to “throw in everything“ to launch a legal challenge to remove the duo from office.

The duo are seeking donations of HK$5 million (USD 650,000) from the public to fund an appeal to fight against the ruling.

Youngspiration also had one of their PayPal accounts frozen. Hence they are left with four other options — checks, electronic checks, bank transfers… and bitcoin. The politicians chose to accept bitcoin, as it encourages contributors to support their movement anonymously.