How Cryptocurrency Can Help NGOs Solve the Climate Crisis

News, Opinion | August 24, 2021 By:

My family never had a lot of money to go on vacation, so I always saw the ocean and their wildlife in movies or on the internet. The first time when we were able to go to see the ocean was when I turned thirteen. We went to Montenegro, and the spot we arrived at crushed the view that I grew up with. The pollution on the beach was horrific, and the water was very dirty. As I spent time researching aquatic wildlife and the importance of the ocean for all humans and the world in general, I knew how wrong we were in terms of treating our oceans.

Global warming combined with humans’ uncanny ability to generate trash has devastated our oceans’ ecology and wildlife. From oil spills to microplastics, our oceans have been infiltrated with devastating side effects. There is a global push for ocean conservation and cleanup fueled by some of the most brilliant minds of this century. Cryptocurrency can give us the opportunity to address issues ranging from ocean conversation to the global climate crisis—and ultimately help us make a difference.

With the recent UN Report that cites humans as the driving cause behind unprecedented rates of climate change, the need for non-government organizations (NGOs) to adopt blockchain technology has never been more crucial. NGOs have a tremendous ability to profit by using proof of stake technology, which is a form of cryptocurrency that is not derived from mining coins like Bitcoin and does not require massive amounts of energy. For example, the Binance smart chain is not only fast and secure but also sustainable and green.

As the world moves toward digital currency, there is a unique advantage to using cryptocurrency to drive the availability of charitable donations. With a simple tax on transactions of a coin valued at fractions of a USD, cryptocurrency can produce significant charitable contributions. Through cryptocurrency, NGOs can extract funds for charitable donations and community giveaways to charities, cleanup organizations, nonprofit groups, public groups, wildlife rehabilitation programs, and more.

Fiat currency has a finite function; it is just an object you trade one thing for another, and its value is based on the what the economy makes it. Imagine your money was smart enough to have built in functions that send and distribute it to different locations, earning you more money and helping the world while you’re spending it. Smart money can do more than just be used as a currency. Through the smart contract, tokens can be not only a storage of value but at the same time a rewarding system where people can generate passive income and automatically contribute to a bigger cause without the need to manually press “donate.”

When it comes to the climate change crisis, there is an urgency to take action right now. If you look at the NGOs across the world, they won’t be fully equipped to tackle their missions in their current state. That’s why we need to get NGOs ready for blockchain and start using newer technology to finance their causes. By using proof of stake cryptocurrency, NGOs can more effectively reverse the harm we’ve done to the environment and reduce our carbon footprint.