IBM Blockchain Technology Implemented By Netherlands’ Koopman Logistics

Announcements, Blockchain | July 4, 2018 By:

Netherlands-based firm Koopman Logistics has implement IBM’s blockchain technology, making it one of the first automotive transportation companies to implement the technology.

Koopman Logistics provides trucking transportation and logistics services. It offers the transportation of cars and other cargo by truck. The company also offers storage terminal, maintenance services, and serves automobile manufacturers, importers, and dealers throughout Europe.

IBM said its blockchain platform will enable Koopman to rapidly and accurately track and trace its consignments across its entire supply chain and replace paper-based processes with secure, digital records.

In April of this year, Koopman Logistics successfully completed a shipment of finished vehicles using IBM’s blockchain technology to accurately track each unit in real time and automate administrative transactions. According to Koopman CEO Jon Kuiper, the technology enabled them to provide an accurate view of the vehicle’s location and status at each point during its delivery. The company also used the technology to manage the automated transactions required through the delivery process, including electronic consignment documentation (eCMR) and proof-of-delivery.

“Based on a vehicle’s unique identification number (VIN) based ledger approach, we can provide our customers with a solution that allows them to optimize their processes, get real-time information on the status of the vehicle and transact their administrative processes with their suppliers in a fully automated way,” Kuiper.

Koopman indicated that the company intends to make the supply chain services and technology on offer available for all of its customers and to the market more widely in the coming months, after further testing with key automotive customers.