IBM, Syniverse Complete Blockchain Mobile Roaming Solution Pilot

Blockchain, News | May 8, 2019 By:

Tech giant IBM and telecom services provider Syniverse have successfully completed a blockchain pilot program to instantly validate new wholesale billing and charging processes for clearing and settlement services.

The blockchain solution pilot, which was conducted to help advance the next generation of mobile roaming solutions, is designed to enable “smart contracts” to be coordinated and executed between mobile operators. The solution, built on the IBM Blockchain platform, was recently validated in trials by Syniverse with two international telecommunication companies, Orange and Mobile TeleSystems (MTS).

Syniverse and IBM worked closely with Orange to implement, test, and provide feedback on the solution. After the trial, Orange reported that the solution can help increase operational efficiency, especially for call event creation and data exchange, based on the specific steps included in the pilot.

MTS Russia, on the other hand, reported that it saw valuable efficiency gains in clearing and settlement for roaming, underpinned by increased operational efficiency, auditability, and smart-contract management. MTS added that the solution provided the capability to directly create, validate, and view all agreements with partners using smart contracts.

“In today’s age of digital transformation, a business is only as strong as its connections, and this is especially true in the area of clearing and settlement,” said Dennis Meurs, Vice President and General Manager, Transaction and Clearing Services, Syniverse. “In collaboration with IBM, we’ve integrated the power of blockchain to design a pilot that addresses several business challenges, and a solution that builds on Syniverse’s 30-year-plus history of solving clearing and settlement challenges in the mobile ecosystem.”

According to the companies, the pilot porves that blockchain will pave the way for mobile service providers to operate more effectively within their business networks. The pilot is also an important demonstration of the GSMA Unified Data Record (UDR) standard, a new global industry standard for charging settlements designed to address the proliferation of devices that are expected to grow as a result of 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT).

“In an industry that is driven by data, mobile operators will now be able to leverage blockchain to help improve efficiency and settlement times while delivering an enhanced customer experience,” said Utpal Mangla, Vice President & Partner for Blockchain, IBM Telecommunications Services. “Together with Syniverse, we’ve designed a blockchain platform solution that has potential to change the clearing and roaming business processes and enable mobile operators to improve collaboration within business networks and get value from data, which is becoming more vital than ever in today’s quickly evolving technology landscape.”