ICO Spotlight: Bigbom Network Seeks Trust In Online Advertising Market

ICO News, Innovation | May 25, 2018 By:

The Bigbom network is an attempt to capitalize on the US $200 billion digital advertising industry. As search engines like Google and social networks like Facebook and Twitter have grown, digital advertising has overtaken television as the most popular form of advertising. But there are many problems with today’s digital advertising market.

Advertisers never know if their ads will be effective before spending money on them, and the platforms that publish the ads often fail to meet the goals of advertisers. At the same time, platforms often worry that they will not be paid, and advertisers’ account are sometimes locked due to non-payment.

The world needs a solution that allows advertisers and platforms to trust each other. The Bigbom team believes this can be done through a decentralized blockchain network. [MORE]

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