Indacoin launches Visa & Mastercard payments

FinTech | October 5, 2015 By:

Indacoin announced the launch of Visa & Mastercard payments that will allow users from all over the world to buy bitcoin with their banking cards. The minimum amount is $5 and the limit for the first month is $500. After 40 days of the card using monthly limit will be increased to $3,000.

“While buying bitcoin with a credit or debit card is supposed to be the simplest way of getting cryptocurrency, only 0.1% of bitcoin that were bought in 2015 had been purchased using Visa or Mastercard. Such discrepancy is explained by extremely complicated card verification procedures,” said Indacoin CEO Stanislav Kosorukov.

Indacoin has a deep integration with major European and American financial institutions that enables its platform to identify whether the card has been stolen or not within half an hour.

Indacoin is a London-based cryptocurrency exchange.