Indian bitcoin exchange Coinsecure announces partnership with BitPay

Announcements | June 30, 2016 By:

Coinsecure has announced a partnership with BitPay, making it the first company to use the BitPay API to bring payment processing to merchants in India and southern Asia.

Coinsecure’s new payments service, built on the BitPay API, will allow merchants in India to accept bitcoin payments and receive settlement payouts in India’s national currency, the rupee, circumventing the price volatility or legal and accounting complications of holding bitcoin.

“This is a major advancement for Bitcoin in India, and we are excited to work with Coinsecure to make Bitcoin payments more accessible to the country’s merchants and consumers,” said James Walpole, Marketing and Communications Specialist at BitPay.

Coinsecure is an Indian bitcoin exchange. BitPay is a US-based bitcoin payment processor.