Interchain Foundation Appoints Dr. Fernando Pedone And Brian Fabian Crain To The Foundation Council

Job Appointments | July 9, 2020 By:

Swiss nonprofit Interchain Foundation has appointed Dr. Fernando Pedone and Brian Fabian Crain to the Foundation Council, where they will be responsible for the Foundation’s strategic direction, contributing their expertise on the topics of research, engineering, business, product, community, and social good.

Interchain is non-profit foundation with a mission to support research and development for secure and scalable open-source software. It develops a network of distributed ledgers that solves the problems in the cryptocurrency and blockchain communities. In April 2017, it raised $17 million in an initial coin offering (ICO) for its blockchain network Cosmos, which was developed in partnership with California-based startup Tendermint.

Pedone is an award-winning academic with 25 years experience in research and development of consensus and fault-tolerant distributed systems. He has taught at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) and is currently a Professor at the Faculty of Informatics and Co-Director of the FinTech Master program at the University Della Svizzera Italiana. A doyen of Computer Science, Pedone serves as Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing.

“Interchain Foundation has continually pushed the boundaries of distributed ledger technology, and now is an exciting moment to join the foundation council and contribute to one of the best-established blockchain systems — Cosmos,” Pedone said. “Interchain Foundation has built a remarkable team to-date and I’m aligned in their mission to promote a fundamental paradigm shift in the DLT space. My tenure in the scientific and academic spaces complement the expertise of the Foundation Council, and I look forward to working with ICF through the next phase of their development.”

Crain, CEO & Co-Founder of Chorus One, was COO at All in Bits (Tendermint Inc.) where he helped lead the Cosmos 2017 fundraise and start their Berlin base at Full Node. He was also the Head of Business Development at Monax, the first company to build enterprise applications on Ethereum and to build on Tendermint. Crain is the Co-Founder of Epicenter podcast, which has over 6.5M downloads as one of the most established podcasts in the blockchain space.

“Joining the ICF council is an honor, as well as a great responsibility for me. With governance institutions failing and authoritarianism rising, decentralised technologies have never been more important for innovation and liberties,” Crain said. “In my role, I aim to foster collaboration to support the vibrant Cosmos ecosystem, while also working to better define the role of the Cosmos Hub in the internet of blockchains and how it can provide value. I’m excited to work with the many outstanding members of the Cosmos community globally to bring their vision to fruition.”

While regulatory uncertainty has many entrepreneurs questioning the future of blockchain, Switzerland continues to be a hotbed of cryptocurrency development. Amidst the current frailty and damaged nature of our economic system, the Interchain Foundation Council are aligned in their dogmatic view of building the software needed to add a new financial paradigm and reconstruct a more resilient economy.

To date, over $6B in digital assets have been secured on Cosmos blockchains, over 8500+ Github stars have been created on Cosmos and Tendermint projects, and there are over 100 projects in the Cosmos Tendermint ecosystem, including Binance Decentralised Exchange. Cosmos is the center of the staking industry with innovations like staking derivatives and cross-chain collateralization.I