Investors Still Bullish About Crypto Despite Market Beat Down – SharesPost Survey

Blockchain, News | March 6, 2019 By:

Consumers and investors continue to offer a bullish, long term outlook for crypto and blockchain despite the decline in crypto prices over the last year, according to a survey by liquidity provider SharesPost.

Cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, has struggled through a rough wave of volatility of late, but SharesPost’s survey of more than 2,000 consumers, accredited investors and institutional investors found that majority of investors still plan to buy more crypto assets.

Both investors and consumers overwhelmingly selected bitcoin as the cryptocurrency with the most long-term potential, followed by ETH and XRP. More than 30 percent of investors said they owned at least $25,000 in bitcoin, while another 20 percent reported a similar amount with ethereum.

Nearly 70 percent of investors said that they are more likely to increase their crypto holdings, compared to just 15 percent who said they are not. Furthermore, 25 percent of investors said they expect the asset class to jump 50 percent or more.

The respondents also think that regulators will finally offer some positive market clarity. Nearly 45 percent said they expect favorable regulation this year, compared to 35 percent who expect no change and just under 20 percent who expect unfavorable regulation towards crypto.

“In line with what we have heard from experts at blockchain conferences and meet ups, the technology is still new and has yet to win mass acceptance,” SharesPost said. “Therefore, survey respondents have all but abandoned a 2020 timeframe and instead expect to see widespread adoption by 2025. 66 percent of investors and 61 percent of consumers view 2025 as a reasonable target date.”