iPayYou enables bitcoin payment for Amazon

Now Accepting | November 29, 2016 By:

iPayYou has launched a new service called Amazon Direct that allows users to purchase goods on Amazon using bitcoin.

The feature has been under development for months by iPayYou, whose CEO is Gene Kavner, a former worldwide director at Amazon.

The developers explains that Amazon Direct allows users to seamlessly transfer any dollar amount of bitcoin from their existing bitcoin wallet on iPayYou to Amazon. iPayYou has added a new Amazon Direct tab to the platform, where users can determine an amount of bitcoin to transfer. After specifying the destination account at Amazon.com, Amazon Direct becomes a one-click feature where users can exchange their funds from bitcoin on iPayYou to USD on Amazon in seconds. Upon completion of the transfer, users will be able to purchase items as they please.

“We’ve removed a lot of complexity compared to other options. We actually transfer funds from iPayYou’s bank account to Amazon. They don’t even know its bitcoin,” said iPayYou CEO Gene Kavner.

iPayYou is a Seattle-based online wallet provider.