Iran’s 1st finTech, banking, business opportunities and trade conference set for October

Announcements | October 5, 2015 By:

Digital Finance Institute and Sana Pardakht announced Iran’s 1st Conference on FinTech and Innovation with “Digital Finance Iran” on October 7 – 8, 2015 on Kish Island.

The topics at the Conference centre around FinTech and will include sessions on the role of innovation labs to drive technology, banking and finance, Bitcoin, smart cities and renewable energy, emerging payments, Iran’s potential to emerge as a finance hub post-sanctions, business opportunities in Iran and the growing importance of social banking with a case study on payments to solve financial inclusion for the refugee crisis.

“The time was right for a Conference on FinTech and innovation for Iran. Iran has a young and well-educated population of 75 million people who live in an increasingly connected world where online commerce and FinTech will play a vital role in the growth of our economy in the next few years. The Conference will act as a catalyst to start building the FinTech and innovation ecosystem in Iran in partnership with companies from other nations,” said Sana Pardakht chairman Majeed Javdani.

Digital Finance Iran targets banks, venture capital firms, innovation labs, universities, entrepreneurs, financial technology companies, AML compliance teams, lawyers, investors, renewable energy sector, digital currency companies, startups, payment processors and government regulators.

Sana Pardakht is an Iranian global holding company. The Digital Finance Institute is a think tank devoted exclusively to the nexus between FinTech, financial innovation, financial regulation and financial inclusion.