ItBit releases third quarter OTC report

Announcements | November 12, 2015 By:

ItBit released its third quarter OTC report.

“There is no public data available in the digital currency OTC market, so it is hard to determine where we stand. By publicly publishing our key OTC trading data on a monthly basis (trade execution, volume-traded, etc.), we aim to bring much-needed transparency to this market,” said ItBit director of trading Bobby Cho.

Details about the company’s trading volumes:

Total Bitcoin Volume Traded: 61,853 XBT
Total USD Amount Traded: $15 Million
Average Daily Trading Volume: 1,100 XBT
Average Month-over-Month Trading Volume Growth: 71%

Cho added that the company’s hope is that other venues will join them in releasing public data, as the ultimate goal here should be to provide OTC traders with greater price discovery and fair market value.

itBit is a financial services company offering a suite of products leveraging traditional capital markets infrastructure and blockchain technology.