Jeremy Levitan Signs To Papyrus Advisory Board

Job Appointments | October 30, 2017 By:

Jeremy Levitan, Director of Global Advertising Performance for Twitter, has joined the advisory board for Papyrus, a decentralized ecosystem for digital advertising. He will advise Papyrus on technology and product development.

Levitan has previously served as Chief Technology Officer at Avenue100 Media Solutions, Inc. Prior to joining Avenue 100, he was President of Click Harmonics, a research and development incubator for online lead generation.

He holds nine US patents in micro and nano-fluidics, hydraulic valving, and MEMS devices, as well as a Ph.D., S.M., and B.S. Degrees in Mechanical Engineering from MIT. He also completed two post-doctoral research positions in Applied Mathematics at MIT.

Papyrus aims to become the world’s first fully comprehensive and highly scalable decentralized ecosystem for digital advertising, improving programmatic advertising stack to provide efficient, transparent and a mutually beneficial environment for users, publishers, advertisers and decentralized application (dApp) developers using blockchain architecture. It is in the middle of an initial coin offering that now has nine days remaining.