JP Morgan Names Oli Harris As Head of Cryptocurrency Strategy

Job Appointments | May 18, 2018 By:

JP Morgan Chase has named Oli Harris as head of its cryptocurrency strategy and Quorum. The appointment was announced by Umar Farooq, the financial firm’s head of blockchain initiatives. Quorum is an enterprise blockchain platform that’s open source.

Harris has been with JP Morgan since January 2014. Prior to his new position as head of crypto assets strategy and Quorum, he spent three years as the head of FinTech and In-Residence. He began his career at JP Morgan working for the strategy and new business development teams.  

The Harris appointment marks something of a turning point for JP Morgan, which is notorious for CEO/chairman Jamie Dimon’s disparaging remarks on cryptocurrency and his threats to fire employees who traded in it. That may have led to the exit of Amber Baldet (the former blockchain program lead) and Patrick Mylund Nelson (lead developer of Quorum), who this week announced the founding of Clovyr, a company devoted to decentralized technology.