Kakao’s Blockchain Platform Klaytn To Launch Public Testnet

Announcements, Blockchain, News | March 21, 2019 By:

Ground X, the blockchain subsidiary of South Korean chat giant Kakao, has announced that the public testnet of its blockchain platform Klaytn will be released later this month.

Klaytn is a blockchain platform that provides an optimized platform for service providers to develop and operate decentralized applications (DApps). It prioritizes its efforts on the mass adoption of blockchain services as to substantiate the value and utility of blockchain technology. Klaytn has been partnering with large user pool-based service providers with a focus on creating meaningful real use cases.

Last month, Klaytn launched the testnet “Aspen” exclusively to the first batch of its initial service partners, including Wemade Tree, Piction Network, Hint Chain, Nabu Studio, Airbloc, Cosmochain, VETTA, Humanscape, and Rayon. The platform is now planning to release the public testnet “Baobab” that any developer or service provider can use on March 29, while the mainnet will launch at the end of June.

“The upcoming ‘Baobab’ version reflects the feedback from the exclusive partners that have been using the testnet for the past five months,” Ground X said. While maintaining the enhanced speed and high security, Baobab eliminates the traditional inconveniences such as private keys and cryptograph addresses. Also included in Baobab are scalability solutions for blockchain services with large traffic.”

Ground X also also announced the third batch of 9 more initial service partners, bringing Klaytn’s total initial service partners to 26. The third batch, which come from various industries including social dating, bicycle sharing, ticketing, and healthcare, include Carry Protocol, social dating application Palette, smart ticketing solution GET Protocol, The Sandbox, e-scooter sharing technology HAWK, database management toolkit QueryPie Protocol, blockchain-based payments and data intelligence service Festy, SIXR and HEX.

“Klaytn is the very first blockchain project with a prospective user base of tens of millions,” said Jason Han, the CEO of Ground X. “Together with our partners, Klaytn will take the blockchain industry to the next level by focusing on creating meaningful real use cases.”