Kakao’s Subsidiary Ground X Unveils New Blockchain Platform

Announcements, Blockchain | October 8, 2018 By:

Ground X, the blockchain subsidiary of South Korean chat giant Kakao, is planning to launch a testnet version of its public blockchain platform Klaytn.

The new blockchain platform aims to provide an enterprise-friendly development environment, optimized computation speed and scalability, as well as UX / UI that is convenient for general users. Klaytn eliminates the traditional inconveniences such as wallets, private keys, and cryptograph addresses in order to increase user access.

The company said that the platform’s block interval has been shortened to less than one second with up to 1,500 transactions per second. It handles the consensus work at a consensus node consisting of service providers with strong responsibilities, and the work of the read request, such as consensus-free read requests, is handled by the Ranger Node, reducing the speed of the adopted method.

Klaytn will provide blockchain-specialized tools to facilitate service development experience. These include the Klaytn Wallet, which allows users to safely guard and transfer their tokens created on Klaytn, KlaytnScope, which lets users monitor all activities on Klaytn including block creation and transaction, and BLASQ, the incentivized blockchain co-work community where users’ blockchain-related questions and answers are rewarded with tokens.

Ground X said that approximately 10 partners from various industries such as entertainment, gaming, and social media have joined the Klaytn testnet. The mainnet blockchain network is scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2019.

“The popularization of blockchain requires providing a practical blockchain service for mass adoption thereby validating the value and utility of blockchain technology,” Ground X CEO Jason Han said. “To achieve this, Ground X has designed Klaytn that can provide an easy and friendly environment for end users, service providers and developers all at the same time.”