KeepKey announces acquisition of bitcoin wallet provider MultiBit

Announcements | May 31, 2016 By:

KeepKey announced that it has acquired MultiBit, a UK-based software wallet company program. The acquisition was made entirely in bitcoin.

“We have had a very close relationship with MultiBit since we announced our own product last year in July. They were quick to add support for KeepKey to MultiBit, and we have stayed in constant contact,” said KeepKey founder and CEO Darin Stanchfield.

Stanchfield said that the acquisition of a prominent software wallet would add significant value to KeepKey customers and investors alike. He said that they have maintained a “good relationship” with the developers behind MultiBit from the very beginning.

The acquisition is also the first publicly reported M&A deal of 2016 made entirely with bitcoin. Stanchfield said that using bitcoin for the deal was a clear preference, adding that it was an “outstanding opportunity” to use the currency of the future in a major transaction without converting to US dollars.

KeepKey is a Seattle-based bitcoin hardware wallet.