Kim Dotcom Previews Bitcoin Video Payments Service

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File-sharing entrepreneur Kim Dotcom is previewing his new Bitcache micropayments platform, targeting YouTube video creators seeking bitcoin micropayments for their work.

In a YouTube video, Dotcom showed how content creators could embed a bar at the bottom of videos that would allow fans to tip them through their Bitcache accounts. The payment system would be voluntary and  would compete with YouTube’s current revenue model, which provides a revenue share based on advertising, with content creators getting a lesser share than the platform. That’s assuming YouTube would allow the technology to compete within its own system, a seemingly dubious proposition.

Dotcom is inviting YouTube content creators with more than 500,000 subscribers to contact him for a beta partnership. Dotcom is planning an ICO to fund the infrastructure.

The entrepreneur is fighting extradition to the United States from New Zealand, where he will face numerous counts of money-laundering and copyright violations in relation to his Megaupload file-sharing service, now defunct.