KnCMiner is set to build a 20MW Greenfield datacenter in Boden, Sweden

Announcements | June 4, 2015 By:

On Wednesday, June 4, KnCMiner announced that it plans to build a new 20MW green hydro-powered data center in Boden, Sweden.

“Time-to-market is everything and we are very happy with how the local municipality, Boden Business Agency and the regional competences within The Node Pole have all come together to help us expand,” said KnCMiner CEO & Co-founder Sam Cole.

Last year KnCMiner established its presence in the Boden area, located near the Arctic Circle in Sweden, with two centers totaling 30 MW. This new 20MW datacenter is to be built in two stories, each measuring 1,700m2 (~18,000ft2), equaling the size of roughly four basketball courts.

This is part of its larger expansion program and comes only days after the company became first in the world to deploy a 16-nanometer chip at scale.

KnCMiner is a Bitcoin transaction processing technology provider.