Kraken announce significant progress made in MtGox claims

Crime | February 18, 2016 By:

Kraken announced that significant progress has been made in the investigation into claims of creditors of bankrupt exchange MtGox.

Kraken was appointed in November of that year to assist Tokyo district court-appointed trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi in the bankruptcy investigation of missing bitcoin, receiving claims and distributing remaining assets to creditors of MtGox.

A total of 9,863 Bitcoin-only MtGox claims have been made through Kraken’s online process. Of those, 7,952 claims have been approved for a total of 12,583,717,791 JPY (110,560,179.13 USD). Combined with claims based on fiat deposits, the trustee states that claims worth 25,702,801,244 JPY (225,924,124.17 USD) have been approved.

The total amount of bankruptcy claims filed in both bitcoin and fiat currencies are about 2.7 trillion yen. The trustee currently holds 202,163.41191816 bitcoin, worth more than $84 million.