Leading bitcoin experts to judge Inside Bitcoins startup competition in South Korea

Announcements | December 10, 2015 By:

Inside Bitcoins announced that leading Bitcoin experts will be judging the demos of five companies from South Korea in this year’s startup competition.

The companies taking part are Bitholla, KoreanBuddy, WageCan, Epsilon Technologies and Coin Trade. The judges are Simon Dixon, Andrew “Flip” Filipowski, Hans Lombardo and Roger Ver.

Day 1 of Inside Bitcoins had topics that covered bitcoin as an investment, blockchain technology for nontechnical people, and bitcoin trading and analysis. Day 2 of the event, which will include the competition, will have panels on rate of adoption, blockchain loyalty and customers, and a panel on why bitcoin commerce is broken.

The event takes place at 3 p.m. Korea Standard Time on December 10

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