Legal Tech Startup Atrium Now Accepts Crypto Payments

Announcements, News, Now Accepting | February 18, 2019 By:

Corporate law firm Atrium is now accepting direct cryptocurrency payments via crypto merchant platform BitPay.

Atrium is a Silicon Valley-backed startup law firm that was founded by serial entrepreneur Justin Kan. It builds products and services to help automate legal workflows, innovate new processes within law firms, and help firms identify and attract new clients. Its “Counsel” product provides a dedicated lawyer, paralegal and a practice assistant to serve as an in-house lawyer for emerging growth companies. Those lawyers will handle cap table management, attend board meetings, review contracts and advise on employment issues. In September it raised $65 million in a financing round led by venture firm Andreessen Horowitz.

Last week, the company started accepting bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash payments for its FinTech and Blockchain practice (AFB) through BitPay. The company said that the crypto payment option will make engagement easier for its international clients or clients with substantial crypto holdings.

“Atrium’s blockchain practice is growing rapidly so it makes sense they would allow their clients to pay in bitcoin,” said Sonny Singh, the Chief Commercial Officer of Bitpay. “This is another great example of global crypto clients requesting to pay their bills in bitcoin which drives BitPay’s B2B business growth.”

Atrium said that their goal is to use its tech-centric platform to offer a more efficient and cheaper alternative to expensive legal firms.

“The level of challenge and regulatory frameworks have elevated blockchain analysis to business-level work rather than simply legal counsel,” said corporate attorney Ross Barbash, head of Atrium Fintech and Blockchain. “We’re working closely with some regulators to better understand some elements of the ecosystem. With the shift from HODL to BUIDL, we are finding it easier to identify and collaborate with the teams that both have the necessary dev chops and are committed to compliance.”