Litecoin Foundation Adds Marketer Jonha Richman To Advisory Board

Job Appointments | February 5, 2019 By:
The Litecoin Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing blockchain through that particular cryptocurrency, has named Jonha (Revesencio) Richman to its advisory board:
Richman is a chief marketing officer with over a decade of marketing, PR and partnerships experience across Europe, US, and Asia to help blockchain projects.

Originally from the Philippines, she is currently based in the UK and on several advisory boards for companies supporting blockchain and SaaS. She has worked with such global brands as Unilever, IKEA, Sony Pictures, and OCB Bank, and brought her digital transformation strategies to creative powerhouses such as Leo Burnett, Media Contacts, and VML.
While most projects currently tap into her expertise and network in media/PR, she also helps companies in business development & partnerships. She has worked on global and regional marketing campaigns for the US, Europe, and Asia: Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.