Liti Capital Secures $5M USD Investment To Acquire New Assets

Announcements, Blockchain, News | July 9, 2021 By:

Swiss litigation finance company Liti Capital has raised another $5 million from a private investor to help purchase more litigation assets and expand operations to increase market cap and ROI for investors.

Liti Capital, a company that buys litigation assets to fund lawsuits and then helps the plaintiff win the case, said that the LITI token, which represents tokenized equity in the company and grants voting rights and dividends, will become available on the Liti Capital website and the wLITI token, which can be staked to provide liquidity, on Uniswap. Both token holders can open a claim against a project and stake tokens on that claim to call attention to projects that have defrauded their investors. Liti Capital will spend from 5 to 10 percent of its yearly investment capital to pursue these bad actors.

The latest funding will be used to purchase assets worth up to a potential $50m. Of the initial private raise of $12m, $10m was used to secure assets worth up to $100m of potential asset value. Once this new $5m is deployed in an asset purchase, the combined $150m potential value dwarfs the current market cap of $25m. Those assets are what back the LITI equity token.

Litigation finance is the practice of purchasing a percentage of a lawsuit to help fund the effort and then helping to win the case in order to collect that same percentage of the award. The $5M investment will be used to purchase these litigation assets. As one of the highest ROIs of any asset class, the returns are not dependent on the state of the financial markets. This short video illustrates the value proposition.

“Liti Capital is a company, not a cryptocurrency. Therefore, increasing our Market Cap is a good thing for our investors because it means we are putting new money to work to buy assets and create profits,” said Liti Capital CIO David Kay. “We were able to invest our first $10M and turn it into assets valued around $100M. We expect to use this new investment to produce similar results.”