Liti Capital To Fight Crypto Criminals With Dual Token Launch

Announcements, News | June 23, 2021 By:

Swiss litigation finance company Liti Capital has announced that they will be launching their dual token on June 24.

Liti Capital, a company that buys litigation assets to fund lawsuits and then helps the plaintiff win the case, said that the LITI token, which represents tokenized equity in the company and grants voting rights and dividends, will become available on the Liti Capital website and the wLITI token, which can be staked to provide liquidity, on Uniswap. Both token holders can open a claim against a project and stake tokens on that claim to call attention to projects that have defrauded their investors. Liti Capital will spend from 5 to 10 percent of its yearly investment capital to pursue these bad actors.

By tokenizing their equity, Liti Capital decentralizes access to litigation finance, an asset class that has only been an option for wealthy investors until now. Litigation finance companies find lawsuits with large payouts and acquire a percentage of the case. This percentage is considered to be an “asset”. Then they help the plaintiff win the case and take a portion of the profits. These profits will be distributed to LITI holders as dividends. As one of the few asset-backed equity tokens on the market, LITI is a valuable token to hold regardless of volatility because litigation assets can generate on average 50%-100% ROI even during bear markets or economic crises.

Liti Capital’s current “litigation assets” are valued at over $200 million. David Kay, CIO, won the largest arbitration award at the time in 2016, $1.4-billion in US cash and assets. Jonas Rey, Co-Founder, heads Athena Intelligence, a successful intelligence agency in Switzerland. Andy Christen, Co-Founder and Head of Vision and Operations, is an expert data scientist (Ph.D) and innovation entrepreneur who co-founded several fintech and blockchain startups. Jaime Delgado, Co-Founder, Head of Technical Development, has a PhD in electronics engineering and over 15 years of programming, machine learning, data analysis, and blockchain technology.

To purchase a LITI token, investors must pass KYC requirements. This token is only available for purchase on the Liti Capital website. Holding a LITI grants protections under Swiss law, dividends, and voting rights. The wrapped LITI (wLITI) will be available on Uniswap and other DEXs in the future and does not require KYC. LITI and wLITI tokens are utilized in the following ways:

  • LITI: 80% of profits are distributed as dividends to LITI token holders
  • LITI: Participates in the governance of the company
  • wLITI: Purchased on a DEX, does not require KYC
  • wLITI: Provide liquidity to the ETH/wLITI token pair on DEXs
  • BOTH: Report scam coins and sign up for a class-action lawsuit if cheated
  • BOTH: Receive bounties for providing relevant info for lawsuits

Liti Capital has committed to locking $1.2 million in liquidity on Uniswap for 36 months. Up to 16% of LITI tokens are reserved for the team for salaries and expenses, as well as incentive plans for team (issued upon achievements) and community members (e.g., bounties payment).