Mass Network to bring bitcoin-based solution to online advertising

FinTech, ICO News | September 8, 2016 By:

A group of cryptography experts, advertisers and industry executives have combined efforts to create what they call the “Mass Network”.

The Mass Network wants to balance the scale and allow users to be rewarded for their time, making the online advertising business model more transparent, fair and sustainable for content consumers.

The Mass Network team includes leading innovators from businesses such as Colu, Mycelium, Evernote, BitFury Capital, Deutsche Bank and IBM, with two more large Bitcoin firms being in talks about participating in the project.

“Mass is software for consumers, webmasters, advertisers, and advertising data management platforms within the RTB (Real Time Bidding) framework. The founding principle is to follow the industry’s trend towards monetization of customer attention and to create a convenient, fair marketplace for all participating parties (including web users, themselves). Mass allows users to receive instant compensation for ordinary internet browsing via its built-in blockchain-based peer-to-peer infrastructure,” says the recent press release.

The Mass Network has also unveiled its ICO prospectus, where people can participate in funding the project. The initial offering will allow the purchase of Mass Coin, a once-issued virtual currency that uses the blockchain as transport.