Matrixport Launches New Auto-Invest In-App Tool For Crypto Long Term Investors

Announcements, News | September 28, 2021 By:

Digital assets financial services platform Matrixport has announced a new feature that enables crypto long term investors to confidently accrue and ‘hodl’ Bitcoin and Ethereum regardless of market momentum or volatility.

Called ‘Auto-Invest,’ the new feature enables users to utilise a dollar-cost-averaging (DCA) strategy to accrue Bitcoin or Ethereum at predetermined intervals with just a few clicks. According to the company, Auto-Invest serves to minimize the impact of volatility in growing one’s crypto holdings by spreading out trades at fixed intervals over a period of time.

“Bitcoin is a resilient and promising asset class but with an innate volatility. For many crypto traders and hodlers, it is always challenging to time the market and buy at a dip,” said Cynthia Wu, Head of Sales and Business Development, Matrixport. “Matrixport’s ‘Auto-Invest’ allows users to adopt a proven DCA investment strategy in building their crypto portfolio in a most stress-free way. DCA is a strategy that investing legend Warren Buffett has long advocated. The rollout of ‘Auto-Invest’ reflects our relentless commitment to making crypto easy and accessible for all, in particular users who are just starting out on their crypto journey.

Auto-Invest is available on Matrixport’s secure App platform with no service fees. Trading frequency ranges from every hour, day, week or month, for BTC or ETH and users have the flexibility to make changes anytime. Investors have full flexibility to set purchase limits or decide the maximum limit price to accrue crypto, with no requirement for funds lock-up. Once the simple setup is completed, the trading process is completely automated and users can unleash the full potential of the DCA strategy to reap long-term yields.

For illustration, an Auto-Invest enabled DCA strategy would have generated 30% returns based on a weekly $50 accrual of BTC over 24 weeks from 22 March to 30 August 2021. This compares to a 8% return for the same investment of US$ 1,200 if BTC was traded on 22 March 2021. Within this 24-week timeframe, the price of BTC ranged between US$ 60,204 (5 April 2021) and US$ 35,862 (31 May 202), and a DCA strategy powered by ‘Auto-Invest’ was able to accrued BTC at lower price points during this period, for a higher return.