Medici invests in bitcoin-recorded voting startup SettleMint

Investing | November 9, 2016 By:

Medici Ventures, Inc. has announced it will add SettleMint to its portfolio of investment companies.

“Medici Ventures is immersed in a global search for outstanding companies poised to disrupt key sectors with blockchain technology. SettleMint is precisely the kind of company we hoped to find and we’re pleased to be an angel investor at such an early stage of what promises to be a very auspicious future,” said Jonathan Johnson, president of Medici Ventures.

“The list of blockchain firms that Medici Ventures has invested in already and those that are seeking to join the Medici Ventures portfolio, is long and distinguished. It’s very exciting to be a part of this organization, which shares our vision and determination to move blockchain technology from the realm of theory, squarely into reality. And that it’s happening in conjunction with the release of our SettleMint Ballot Box makes this a thrilling time for our company,” said SettleMint founder and CEO Matthew Van Niekerk.

SettleMint, a Belgium-based fintech firm, most recently released SettleMint Ballot Box, an application for recording voting on the bitcoin blockchain.

Medici Ventures, Inc. is a blockchain-oriented subsidiary of, Inc.