Melissa Quinn Named Canada Director of Blockchain Users Group

Job Appointments | October 6, 2017 By:

The Blockchain Users Group (BUG), a consortium of individuals committed to spreading awareness about the benefits and uses of blockchain technology, has appointed Melissa Quinn, Corporate Development Manager of RightMesh, to be the Director of the Canadian arm of the organization.

The mission of BUG is to educate the general public about blockchain technology and its applications while being a community for members to share knowledge and learn from one another. Quinn has been immersed in the blockchain space since early 2016, when RightMesh realized the benefits of integrating its mesh networking protocol with the ethereum blockchain.

Quinn’s role at RightMesh involves seeking new partners, advisors, and community backers who are aligned with the project’s vision to connect the next 1 billion people currently lacking Internet access with mesh networks. By integrating blockchain technology into the mesh platform, RightMesh is able to improve identification mechanisms on the mesh as well as tokenize mobile device resources, such as Internet, data, and storage. This tokenization enables RightMesh to incentivize users to share their mobile device resources with those who currently lack access, thereby furthering Right Mesh’s mission to expand Internet connectivity across the globe.

“I’m excited to lead the Blockchain Users Group’s mission to spread awareness of blockchain technology in Canada,” said Quinn. “One of the most important functions of the consortium is to welcome more people into the blockchain community through education. As someone who comes from a non-technical background, I understand that delving into the crypto space can be intimidating. We need to make this technology accessible to everyone, regardless of profession or educational background, in order to increase adoption and support innovation.”