Microsoft announces partnership with ConsenSys and Blockstack Labs

Announcements | June 3, 2016 By:

Microsoft has announced a partnership with Blockstack Labs and ConsenSys to build an open-source identity platform aimed at integrating the bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains.

The company is collaborating with partners Blockstack Labs and ConsenSys, and developers across the globe on an open source, self-sovereign, blockchain-based identity system that allows people, products, apps, and services to interoperate across blockchains, cloud providers, and organizations.

“Our goal in contributing to this initiative is to start a conversation on blockchain-based identity that could improve apps, services, and more importantly, the lives of real people worldwide by enabling self-owned or self-sovereign identity. An implementation of self-sovereign identity can be established using the qualities of blockchain based systems and we have chosen to start collaborating with two partners with considerable blockchain identity expertise,” said Microsoft blockchain business strategist Yorke Rhodes.

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